Sticky notes are a great way to capture ideas from your team. But once a collaboration session is over, you might want data from those sticky notes in a CSV file for easier processing. You can download that data directly from your mural.

Note: Sticky notes are the only Mural objects that can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Sticky notes data includes the following and more:

  • Text.

  • Color.

  • Size.

  • Link to (external URL).

  • Last updated by.

  • Tags.

To download sticky notes as a CSV file:

  1. Right-click on your mural’s canvas.

  2. Select Download as.

  3. Select CSV spreadsheet as the Format.

  4. Select either All content or Selection.

  5. If exporting a Selection, highlight the area of the canvas you want to include.

  6. Click Download.

Your CSV file automatically goes to wherever downloads are stored on your computer. You can open this file using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Pages.

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