During group meetings, particularly brainstorming sessions and retrospectives, people sometimes have trouble jotting down their ideas authentically if they feel observed by other participants.

As a facilitator, you can now set private mode (also called "incognito mode"), allowing each participant to work on the mural privately. This helps avoid groupthink and alleviates distractions; no one can peek into what others are doing. Once private mode has ended, all content will become visible.

To use private mode:

  1. Click on the private mode icon on the top left of the toolbar. It will appear as a detective icon with glasses.

  2. Choose whether or not you would like for the content to remain anonymous after private mode is over.

  3. Select Start in the pop-up window.

  4. When it is time to finish private mode, select End private mode on the top right corner of the mural.

During an active private mode session, participants will see other people collaborating in the mural. But, rather than seeing who each collaborator is, everyone's cursor will appear grayed out with a little private mode icon.

Pro tip: We recommend setting the Timer before going into private mode. This will let participants know how much time they have to collaborate privately. You (as the facilitator) will end private mode once the timer is up!

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