As part of the Enterprise Network plan, the Company Insights section in the Company Dashboard gives you a bird's eye view into MURAL usage inside your organization, including:

  • Active Users - Users that have accessed MURAL at least one time in the current month.
  • Active Editors - Users that have created or edited at least one mural during the current month.
  • Active Users Distributed by Geography - Distribution of active users by geographical area on a map.
  • Paid Workspaces - List of Enterprise Network workspaces alongside details around members, guests, and admins.
  • Free Trial Workspaces - List of free trial workspaces created by company members that were not on-boarded to the Enterprise Network plan, along with their corresponding stats.
  • Most Popular Templates - The five most used templates by company members.
  • Murals created in the last 30 days - The total number of murals created by all company members in the last 30 days.
  • Murals Used - The number of times that company members accessed murals during the current month. Includes creation and collaboration.

Company Insights is accessible to Company Administrators as part of the Company Dashboard in the Enterprise Network plan. You can access Company Insights by clicking on your avatar in the lower left hand corner and selecting, "Company Dashboard."

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