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Find content in a mural
Fine-tune your search using the Find panel.
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Are you working in a super crowded mural (or you're in a mural created by someone else) and want to find something specific? Now you can search any mural using keywords in the Find panel!

In the Find panel, you can search for sticky notes, text, shapes, object color, tags, or which member last edited an object. When you click on one of these options, all related objects are highlighted in the mural. Below each option, you’ll also see the number of each object in the mural.

You can also combine this functionality with the Search bar function.

Note: If you apply tags to your sticky notes, tags will appear as an option to filter on in the Find panel.

Here’s how to use your mural's Find panel:

  1. In the top left of your mural, click the Find icon. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + F (or Command + F on Mac) to quickly open the Find panel.

  2. Type in words or a phrase in the Find panel's search bar.

    You can also filter by object type, color, tags (if applicable), or the last person who edited the object.

  3. Click the < or > buttons in the top of the Find panel to navigate the search's results. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Note: Any content that’s added or edited during Private mode (keeping authors anonymous) will only show under the mysterious Private mode avatar.

Cluster your Find panel results

After performing a search in the Find panel, all objects that match your filter options will be highlighted on the canvas. The rest of the objects sort of fade into the background.

For a quick way to cluster similar objects together, use the Arrange function from the toolbar. For example, you might want to cluster all high priority stickies together.

Here’s how to cluster objects together from the Find panel:

  1. Use the Find panel to highlight the objects you want to group together.

  2. Hold Shift and click and drag your mouse over the mural’s Find results on the canvas.

    Or, press Control + A (or Command + A on a Mac) to select all search result objects.

  3. Click the Arrange button in the formatting toolbar.

  4. Select whether you want to group the objects by type, into a row or column, or in a grid.

From there, just drag and drop your grouped objects to their own area in a mural, so you can focus on high priority things first.

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