Keep track of time as you're facilitating by time-boxing activities you run in a mural. This is great for brainstorming, voting sessions, and beyond! 🚀



  • This feature is one of our Facilitation Superpowers™, so you must be set as a facilitator by a mural admin in order to access this feature.

  • For extra personalized sessions, you can change visitor avatars to match the timer sounds.

Start a timed session

Starting a timed session is easy. You can do so at any moment, almost instantaneously.

To use the timer:

  1. Click on the timer icon on the topbar.

  2. Set the amount of time for your session.

  3. Select the Sound type from the dropdown menu. Or, select the Mute sound checkbox.

  4. Select Start timer.

When time is up, everyone will hear a sound unless it’s muted. The timer icon shakes and a message appears letting collaborators know their time is up.

Adjust the timer

You can click the timer icon while it’s running to:

  • Add more time.

  • Pause the timer.

  • Stop the timer.

  • Change the sound and mute.

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