Companies with multiple workspaces can now control the general settings of all workspaces that belong to their organization.

This will allow company admins to define policies at a company level that will cascade down to each workspace inside the company. 

Company admins can reach their Company dashboard by clicking on their avatar in the bottom left corner and select "Manage Companies'

On the dashboard, you'll see tabs for:

  • Insights - Discover insights about MURAL usage at your company

  • Billing Groups - View and manage custom groups of company members for billing purposes

  • Admins - Add and remove company admins


  • General - Control an overview of settings for your company

  • Guests - Manage how guests function on a company level


  • API Keys - Create and revoke keys for MURAL's public APIs

  • Integrations - Choose which Integrations work with MURAL


  • Sessions - Set your Authentication Token Storage and Idle Timeout for more control over company security.

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