MURAL scan allows users to scan sticky notes, and add them to a mural. 

It is an iOS app and is compatible with iPhone 6S onwards and with iPad (5th gen) and iPad Pros. iPad Mini is not supported. You must already have a MURAL account in order to use MURAL Scan. 

To get access to MURAL Scan: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Leave your email at the bottom of the page and select "get early access" 
  3. Open the app and Scan should be ready to go! 

If you leave your email by going to and you already have a MURAL account, you can get access to Scan in the iOS app. Once MURAL Scan has been activated, you can access it from either the dashboard or from within a mural. 

To access scan from the dashboard:

  1. Select the plus button to create a new mural
  2. Select "Scan a wall" 

To access scan from within a mural: 

  1. Go within the desired mural 
  2. Select the last option on the left hand toolbar (under the draw icon)

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