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In-app Getting started guide
In-app Getting started guide
New collaborators will see this handy in-app guide for using Mural.
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Note: This article shares about the in-app Getting started guide. If you're looking for a more involved Help Center article about getting started with Mural, check out How to use Mural - your quickstart guide.

The in-app Getting started guide appears to collaborators the first time they use Mural. When you first enter a canvas, you’ll see an overlay and an educational callout that walks you through Mural basics in an interactive way.

The interactive guide shows you how to do some basic actions in Mural, such as:

  • Create a blank canvas and give it a title.

  • Add sticky notes, shapes, images, and icons.

  • Navigate the canvas.

  • Invite others to collaborate.

If you ever need a refresher of these Mural basics, you can re-open the interactive guide at any time. To open the in-app Getting started guide, click the rocket icon in the top right corner of the screen.

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