In order to make it easier to access your content, we made all menus keyboard accessible. You'll see necessary visual feedback to let you know where you are at any time.

Navigate to these menus outside of the canvas: 

  • Sidebar, topbar, murals

  • Complete sign in and sign up flows

  • User Settings

  • Workspace Settings

  • All Member lists: Tabs, Bulk checkboxes, Available permission, More Options 

And inside the canvas:

  • Complete sidebar tabs

  • Top bar

  • The activity feed

  • Outline tab, including all dropdowns, menus, overlays, and modals.

How? The following keys or combination are used to navigate:

  • TAB to move forward. 

  • SHIFT+TAB to move backward. 

  • ENTER selects the option where you are at. It does exactly what a mouse click would do. 

  • SPACE BAR will mark/unmark a radio button or a checkbox.

  • ESCAPE will close an opened/expanded menu.

Now you're able to navigate any menu in MURAL with your keyboard.

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