Keep all your ducks in a row.

Find yourself wanting to keep your mural content spaced evenly and arranged in a certain way? With MURAL, you can organize your elements just the way you want to get that just-perfect spacing.

To arrange content, you have four options:

  1. Arrange by type

  2. Arrange into a horizontal row

  3. Arrange into a vertical column

  4. Arrange into a neat grid

To align content:

  1. Multi-select the elements you want to align (you can use SHIFT+drag to multiple select elements)

  2. Select the direction to which you want to align them (align left shown below)

...and you can distribute, or space out, that same content evenly:

This is particularly useful for cleaning up an affinity mapping activity.

Impress your colleagues with how quickly you can perfectly line up your sticky notes with their corresponding image!

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