You come back to a mural you were working in… and all kinds of changes have been made! Luckily, your Activity Log lists all changes that happen in a mural, starting from the moment it’s created.


View the activity log

The activity log is conveniently located in the upper-right corner of a mural.

Any object changed by a member, visitor, or guest is tracked in the activity log. You can also review who has interacted with your mural and how. These are some examples of what the activity feed can show:

  • Joins your mural.

  • Duplicates your mural.

  • Is removed from your mural.

  • Leaves your mural.

  • Exports your mural.

  • When a visitor enters your mural.

  • When a facilitator customizes the toolbar.

  • When a facilitator starts or ends the timer.

To view the activity log:

  1. Click on the Activity icon in the top bar.

  2. Scroll through your feed to see who made changes to the mural, and when.

  3. Click on an item in the activity log to be taken to that spot in the mural.

Visitors cannot view the activity log. Guests can view the activity log if they have "can view" (view-only) or "can edit" access.

Activity log after you remove a collaborator

Let's say a member or guest made changes to your mural, but they've since been removed from your mural. How does past activity look on the activity log?

Here's the workflow for this use case, with a collaborator we'll call "Giulia."

Member and guest status

How the activity log looks

Before you remove Giulia from your mural, her name shows in your activity log.

After you remove Giulia from your mural, her activity still shows. But, instead of her name, you'll see a random visitor display name.

If you remove a member or guest from your mural, they can still access your mural as a visitor if they have access to a visitor link. To completely stop someone from accessing a mural, remove them as a member or guest and reset the visitor link. View our article on how to reset a visitor link.

Recover Content

Let's say that you or someone from your team accidentally deletes content. No worries! You can recover your content directly from the activity log.

To recover content:

  1. Click on the Activity icon in the top bar.

  2. Scroll through your feed to the content you would like to recover.

  3. Click Recover under the deleted object.

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