Add an image by keyword
Find an image by keyword in one of Mural's image libraries.
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When you open the Images panel in your mural, there’s a search bar to enter keywords for images. You can search the web or from one of the following libraries: Giphy, Unsplash, or your Adobe Creative Cloud library.

To add an image by keyword:

  1. Click the Images icon in the left sidebar of your mural.

  2. Select where you want to search for the image:

    1. Web - does a Bing search for images. (This is the default choice.)

    2. Giphy - if connected to the Giphy integration, you can add GIFs from this section.

    3. Unsplash - if connected to the Unsplash integration, you can add high-quality, professional photographs.

    4. Creative Cloud - if connected to the Creative Cloud integration, you can connect to your Adobe Creative Cloud and search through your images there.

  3. Type the keyword(s) for the type of image you want.

  4. Click on your chosen image from the search results and it will appear directly on the canvas. Or, drag and drop the image to your desired location.

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