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Use areas to organize your content and enable better navigation.
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Areas act as smart frames for your content. You can create as many areas as you want on a single canvas, grouping any objects you want. Then, you can guide collaborators and visitors through a mural from area to area to help them navigate. Or maybe you want to use the same mural to run several brainstorming sessions. You could have one area for each session to keep your thoughts organized in the same mural.

What's the difference between an area and a framework?

An area is a single box used for grouping objects. Frameworks are predefined, special areas, with lots of content already created inside them. To learn more about frameworks, check out our dedicated frameworks article.

What’s the difference between an area and a group?

While an area is a dedicated spot on the canvas for your objects, a group of objects are simply objects on your canvas that you want to keep together. Grouping objects is like attaching them with string whereas placing objects in an area is like putting a fence around them.

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