No more repetitive copy-pasting! Now you can easily transition from plan your projects in a mural to tracking and developing them in Jira with just a right-click.

Follow these steps to create Jira issues from sticky notes and text-boxes in MURAL:

  1. Multiple-select (hold SHIFT while clicking and dragging) the stickies and/or textboxes you want to send to Jira.

  2. Right-click the multiple selection, and choose 'Send to Jira`. If you don’t see the 'Send to JIRA' option in the right-click menu, you need to install the Jira integration.

  3. Use the drop-downs to choose the project, issue type and priority. You can always change these once the issues are in Jira.

  4. Click 'Send to Jira'.

  5. Click the link to see all of the issues you just created in Jira. You can also click the tag to go to that specific issue in Jira.

  6. All Jira issues have a link to the mural where they were created from.

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