The real magic of MURAL begins when you invite your teammates and all collaborate together in murals. In this article, we'll give you an overview of where to go in MURAL to invite collaborators, the different permissions you can assign to invitees, password protections, and the different ways you can invite them.

To share the mural with others:

  1. Click on the pink SHARE button in the top right corner of your mural or in the '+' sign beside your avatar in the center lower part of your mural.

  2. Select which way you'd like to share the mural:

  • Invite people: People will automatically join as members of your workspace. Adjust their permissions to 'edit' or 'view'.

  • Visitor Link: Use this to invite non-members to collaborate quickly and securely.

  • Export: Get a shareable PDF or PNG of your mural for offline use.

  • Embed: Generate and copy a code to paste into an external website.

People invited to edit can:

  • Edit, comment, vote, and export the mural

  • Follow other users in the mural, or be followed themselves

  • Invite other users to the mural

  • Create murals

  • Create rooms (the permission to create rooms can be managed under Workspace member permissions)

People invited with "View Only" permissions can:

  • View the mural without signing in

  • See changes made to the mural in real-time

  • Follow other users in the mural, or be followed themselves

  • Not edit, comment, vote, or export the mural

View-only users will not see any of the buttons on the top or left-side toolbar.

There are two different ways to invite collaborators to edit murals:

  1. Share an invitation link

  2. Invite by e-mail

Share an invitation link:

Get a quick link to invite members to your mural (and thusly, workspace).

  1. Generate a share link in the modal window.

  2. Copy the link and send it to your collaborators.

Invite by e-mail:

Generate automatic email invitations to join your mural.

  1. Type your team members' email addresses in the bar above the link. If your workspace has guests enabled, people outside of your workspace domain will be invited in as guests. 

  2. Hit 'enter' to add them to the list.

  3. Your collaborators will receive an email with an invitation to join your mural.

  4. If they click on the emailed link, they will be taken directly to the mural (they should be signed in first!). 

Password protect your murals

To keep your mural extra private, you protect it with a password. You can do this under the 'Visitor link' tab.

Embed a mural 

Under the EMBED tab you can generate an embed link to embed a view-only mural that people can navigate in.


To share an invite link on a mobile device:

  1. Click on the 'Share' button in the upper right-hand corner

  2. Click 'Share Invite Link'

  3. Send the link to your teammates

Shown here on an iPad.

Now you're ready to unlock the power of MURAL and collaboratively create cool stuff!

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