From your account settings page, you can easily view a list of workspaces you belong to, including that workspace’s number of members and the workspace admin. On this page, you can also view other discoverable workspaces in your company that you’re not yet a part of.

You can access your list of workspaces directly at Or, you can follow the steps below.

To view workspaces you belong to and other discoverable workspaces:

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom left corner of the dashboard to open User options.

  2. Select My workspaces.

Here, you have a list of every workspace you belong to. If you want to leave a workspace, click the Leave button next to that workspace. If you’re the admin of a workspace, you can also click Manage to adjust the settings for that workspace.

In addition to workspaces you belong to, this page also shows workspaces in your organization that you haven’t joined—yet. Workspaces set as “discoverable” are listed on this page, giving you the option to either Join or Request to join (if the workspace admin requires you be approved to join).

By accessing your list of workspaces and seeing what other workspaces are out there, you can keep your work in MURAL streamlined and efficient while also discovering new opportunities to collaborate.

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