You can manually upgrade from the Free plan to Team+ or Business.

Find more information on MURAL plans on our pricing page.

Requirements for upgrading:

  • Team+: Choose to be billed per month or annually.

  • Business: Billing is annual only.

Once you subscribe to the Team+ or Business plan, you will be billed with that plan's price:

  • Annual plans are billed completely up front, and you're set for the year. Each year, you'll receive an invoice via email.

  • For month-to-month plans, you're billed for the first month. You’ll then be billed every 30 days until you decide to cancel your subscription. Each month, you'll receive an invoice via email.

You can change the number of members in your account at any time. Do one of the following:

  • Remove members from your workspace on the workspace Members page.

  • Invite more people to your workspace.

Once you've adjusted your member count, you can go to your workspace billing page and officially change the subscription amount.

Here's how to change your subscription:

  1. Click on your workspace name in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

  2. Select Manage Workspace from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Billing on the left-side menu.

If you wish to upgrade to a new plan, click Choose this plan. If you're interested in the Enterprise plan, click Contact us.


  • Remember to change the official number on your subscription. Simply adding or subtracting people will not change your subscription.

  • The currency is set to USD, and cannot be changed.

  • At this time, you cannot manually downgrade a Business account. Please contact Support if you have questions about your Business account.


You can view your existing invoices by clicking on the Invoices tab.

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