Just as your projects can evolve, so to can your organizational needs in MURAL. You might need to move content around and change where things are stored. You can do that easily by moving your rooms from one workspace to another.


  • To move a room from one workspace to another, you need to have permission to create rooms in the target workspace. The same email address will also have to be a member of both workspaces.

  • If you check the box Share room with the same members the visitor links will remain the same and guests (if your plan supports this) will still have access to the room.

  • Private rooms are not offered on MURAL's Free plan, so you can't move a private room from a paid workspace to a workspace on the Free plan.

To move a room to another workspace:

  1. In the room you want to move, click the arrow next to the room's name at the top of the page.

  2. Click Move to another workspace.

  3. Select the workspace where you want this room to live.

  4. Select Share the moved room with the same members if you want all existing members to maintain access to the room once moved (optional).

  5. Click Move room.

Now, you can make sure all the relevant content stays together, and you can impress your teammates with how quickly you can access all your murals. This article explains how to move a mural.

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