Manage room members and permissions
See who's in your room and manage members from inside your room.
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As a room admin, you have the ability to manage your room's members. From the room members page, you can remove colleagues, invite colleagues, and manage their permissions all in one place.

To manage room members and permissions:

  1. Click the Members icon in the top-right corner of the room.

  2. Click Manage room members.

Now you're on the room members page, where you can invite new collaborators, remove those who no longer need access to the room, and manage permissions of those you've already invited.

To help you manage those in your room, here's a breakdown of room-level permissions:

  • Create murals: When selected, this collaborator can create murals in the room.

  • Duplicate this room: When selected, this collaborator can duplicate this room, copying all of its contents and becoming the administrator of the duplicate room.

  • Invite people: When selected, this collaborator can invite new collaborators to the room.

  • Room admin: When selected, this collaborator has full access to the room, including the room members page where they can add, remove, and alter permissions for other collaborators.

Note: Rooms pass down their permissions to the folders and murals housed inside them. This means that a user who is member of a room will automatically have access to all murals created inside that room.

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