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When you sign up for Mural, you’re given the chance to create your own workspace or join one that already exists. But you might need to create a new workspace later, too. Keep in mind that our Free plan only lets you have one workspace. If you're on the Free plan and need an additional workspace, you must first upgrade your plan.

We recommend creating one workspace for your entire organization. Name it something broad that includes a lot of people and projects, e.g., "My company" or "My department." A workspace can comfortably have hundreds of members. From there, you can organize your work using folders and rooms.

Note: Some members of Enterprise plans can’t create workspaces due to company-wide settings. If you aren't able to create a new workspace, reach out to Please note that Mural Support can’t override Enterprise plan settings but may be able to point you to someone in your organization who can create a new workspace for you.

To create a new workspace:

  1. Click your current workspace's name in the left sidebar.

  2. Click View workspaces.

  3. Click Create new workspace at the bottom of the page. (You may need to scroll a bit depending on how many workspaces you already belong to.)

  4. On the new workspace page, type a Workspace name.

    Note: This workspace name also appears in your workspace's URL. While you can change the name of your workspace, you can’t change the URL, so choose a name wisely.

  5. (Optional) Type your collaborators’ email addresses to Invite members to your new workspace.

  6. (Optional) Type a message to send to your invited collaborators.

  7. Select whether you want others with your company domain to be able to find and join your new workspace without an invitation.

  8. If you select to let others join without an invitation, you can choose whether they can automatically join or if they must first request to join.

  9. If you select to let others join without an invitation, type a description so others know what your workspace is all about.

  10. Click Save and continue.

On the next page, you can fill out information on your role in this new workspace, including your team and job on that team. This helps curate template and other content recommendations. You can click Skip to get right to creating. And voilà, you’re taken to a brand new mural in your new workspace.

If you're new to Mural, you can sign up directly at Or, you can accept an invitation to join an existing workspace from someone on your team.

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