Rooms are the spaces in which murals are stored with a workspace. If you wish for members to have access to all of the murals within a room, you can invite them into the room level.


  • For Teams+ plans, If the member you are inviting into your room is not already a member of the workspace, they will take up a subscription. A workspace can configure how many members a workspace has from the billing page.

  • With our flexible pricing model in the Enterprise and Business plans, a new member who joins a workspace may become a Quarterly Engaged Member if they meet the criteria. (more information on the FAQ section of our Pricing page.

  • If you are on our Enterprise, Business, Partner, Nonprofit or Education plans, those outside of your company or organization will be invited in as Guests.


Inviting someone into a room

Removing someone from a room

Inviting members to a room

1. From inside the room, click on the Share button in the top right of the screen

2. Here you can either invite by mail or with an invite link:

  • To Invite by email
    . Enter in the members email address.
    b. Press Enter or Return.]
    c. (Optional) Include a custom message.
    d. Click the Send Invite(s) button.

  • To send an invite link
    a. Click Create link.
    b. Click Copy link.

Members invited into the room will be able to see all current and future murals within that room.

Now you can ensure that everyone is on the same page, in the same space. ✨

Removing members from a room

  1. From within the room click on the members icon on the top right.

  2. Select Manage room members.

  3. Here you can either remove using the more actions (gear) icon or the remove member (trash) icon.

  • To remove with the more actions (gear) icon

    a. Hover your cursor to the right of the guest's email.

    b. Click on the gear icon.

    c. Select Remove.

  • To remove with the delete (trash icon)

    a. Find the member you want to remove.

    b. Go all the way to the right hand side of the row.

    c. Click the remove member (trash) icon.

    d. Select the Remove button.

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