Despite your best efforts to plan ahead of time, projects can change. And when they do, you might need to do some reorganizing. In Mural, that's easy to do by moving murals to new workspaces, rooms, or folders.

Note: To move a mural, you must be the mural's owner or a room administrator. You must also have permission to create new murals in the workspace where you plan to move your mural. For more information, read about workspace permissions.

To move a mural:

  1. Find the tile of the mural you want to duplicate on the dashboard.

  2. Click the three-dot menu icon in the corner of the mural’s tile.

  3. Select Move. The Move mural window opens.

  4. Choose the workspace, room, and/or folder (optional) where you want the mural to live.

  5. Select whether you want to continue sharing the newly moved mural with the same collaborators who previously had access.

  6. Click the Move button.

Now, you're taken to the new home for your mural. If you don't see your mural right away, give your browser a refresh and try again.

To move all murals in a room at once, read our article on how to move a room.

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