Switch workspaces
Easily switch between workspaces and projects using a toggle on your dashboard.
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You might be part of many different workspaces that cover various different projects. But don’t worry—it’s easy to switch between them right from the dashboard.

Keep in mind that much of the home view of the dashboard is cross-workspace, which means it includes murals from all the workspaces you’re a part of. Still, if you want to filter your view to one specific workspace, you can do that.

To switch workspaces:

  1. Click your current workspace name in the left sidebar. A dropdown opens with a list of your other workspaces.

  2. Under Switch to, click the name of the workspace you want to switch to.

    Note: If you’re only a member of one workspace, you won’t see any others listed here. If you need to join other workspaces, check out our My workspaces article.

Now, you’re brought to the murals tab of that specific workspace! You can switch to another workspace at any time by following these same steps. Or, to return to your cross-workspace view, click Home, Recent, or Starred in the left sidebar.

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