Ever jot down a really great idea, or get a group of objects together that you just love, and wish you could duplicate it exactly as it is? Well, the duplicate shortcut is here to be your new best friend. What's more, you've got options on how to do this.

To duplicate an object:

  1. Select the desired object and press CTRL+D (CMD + D on Mac).

  2. You can also right-click and select 'Duplicate' from the right-click menu.

 If you’re more comfortable copying and pasting (CTRL + C, CTRL + V), you can do that as well. 

Duplicate multiple objects:

  1. Multiple select the group of items you want to duplicate

  2. Duplicate the whole batch as though it were a single item (CTRL or CMD + D)

Drag to duplicate:

  1. Multiple select objects to be duplicated

  2. Hold ALT + drag objects to another part of the mural

Duplicate objects between murals using copy and paste:

  1. Copy (CTRL or CMD + C) the objects you want to duplicate

  2. Go back to your MURAL dashboard

  3. Open the desired mural and Paste (CTRL or CMD + V) them there

Now, get out there and create cool stuff!

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