Facilitation Superpowers® are a special set of features for those conducting workshops and meetings. Facilitation Superpowers™ help you save time and stay in control of your sessions, so you can focus on running engaging workshops and meetings.

Creators of murals are automatically set as facilitators, and they can give these Facilitation Superpowers to other mural members.


Facilitation Superpowers features

Facilitators can see a gray label on the top toolbar that says Facilitator. Click this Facilitator label to view all Facilitation Superpowers features.

Facilitators have a star on their avatar on the bottom of the mural canvas:

They also have a star on their cursor label:

Here are some of our many facilitator Facilitation Superpowers features:

Custom toolbar - Choose which visual thinking tools collaborators can see and use in a mural.

Change visitor avatars - Make your meetings more dynamic and fun with custom avatar themes.

Outline - Organize your content and facilitate sessions effortlessly.

Facilitator lock- Prevent objects from being accidentally moved, edited, or deleted by non-facilitators in your murals.

Laser pointer - Draw your audience’s attention by highlighting critical ideas and visuals in a fun, captivating way.

Private mode - Allow collaborators space to work while temporarily hiding new content.

Summon participants - Bring everyone's attention to one area of a mural during your session.

Time-box your activities - Make sure that your activities are the perfect length.

Run a voting session - Help your team reach a consensus.

Integrations for facilitators:

Google Calendar - Set up your working and collaborative sessions.

Assign Facilitation Superpowers

There are two ways to assign Facilitation Superpowers:

  • From the mural members page.

  • Directly in the top bar.

To assign Facilitation Superpowers from the mural members page:

  1. Click the members icon on the top toolbar.

  2. Select Manage mural members.

  3. Click the icon in the member’s Editing rights column.

  4. Select Can facilitate.

To assign Facilitation Superpowers directly from the top bar:

  1. Click the members icon on the top toolbar.

  2. Hover over the member’s name.

  3. Click the dropdown menu below the member's picture.

  4. Select Can facilitate.

Mural owners can also assign Facilitation Superpowers to guests in their murals. For more information, see our article on guest facilitators.

Note: These features are on the mural member permissions page.


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