Facilitation Superpowers®
Conduct workshops like a superhero with an exclusive set of features available only to Mural facilitators.
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Facilitation Superpowers® are a special set of features for those conducting workshops and meetings. Facilitation Superpowers help you save time, stay in control, and keep your sessions engaging.

Creators of murals are automatically set as facilitators, and they can give these Facilitation Superpowers to other members or guests (if enabled) at their discretion. Facilitators are designated with a star icon next to their avatars at the bottom of a mural and in the list of mural collaborators.

Here’s a breakdown of Facilitation Superpowers as well as links to learn more about using them:

Choose which visual thinking tools (sticky notes, icons, etc.) collaborators can access in the left sidebar.

Choose a themed set of avatars to represent visitors in a mural.

Organize your content into steps to guide facilitation and collaborators.

Prevent objects from being accidentally moved, edited, or deleted by non-facilitators.

Draw your audience’s attention by highlighting critical ideas and visuals in a fun, captivating way.

Prevent collaborators from seeing each other’s work to avoid distractions and groupthink.

Bring everyone's attention to one area of the canvas during your session.

Make sure that your activities are the perfect length by setting a timer.

Help your team reach a consensus by allowing them to vote on different options in your mural.


Check out the helpful resources below for the inside scoop on facilitating great remote and co-distributed sessions:

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