We've designed Facilitation Superpowers™ to save you time and keep you in control of your sessions, so you can focus on running a happy and productive workshop or meeting. Facilitation Superpowers™ are a special set of features for people who lead meetings and workshops.

Creators of murals are automatically facilitators, and they can give these Facilitation Superpowers™ to other mural members:

You can also assign new facilitators directly from the canvas:

*Note: this can be found in mural member permissions.

Facilitators can see a gray label on the top toolbar that says "Facilitator." Click this to see facilitator-only features:

Facilitators have a star on their avatar on the bottom of the mural canvas: 

They also have a star on their cursors:

Here are some of our many facilitator tools:

Integrations for facilitators:

  • Google Calendar - set up your working and collaborative sessions

  • MURAL Scan - digitize sticky notes that have been made during a session

P.S. Check out the helpful resources below for the inside scoop on facilitating great remote and co-distributed sessions.

MURAL Facilitation tool-kit

The Definitive Guide to Facilitating Remote Workshops

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