Ever needed to show someone something in your mural, but couldn't because they weren't a member of your workspace? Now you can!

This feature allows you to invite someone outside of your workspace to collaborate via the visitor share link. These collaborators will join automatically without having to sign in or create an account. Visitors can identify themselves by name, for the duration of their session. Visitors may also choose to remain anonymous.

  • Visitors who join with editing permissions will be able to collaborate in a mural just as though they were a member.

  • Visitors who join with a view link will not be able to edit, but they will see changes in real-time and be able to follow and be followed.

  • For added protection, you may add a password to your visitor link.

Here's how to invite a visitor:

1. Click on the SHARE button in the upper right of your mural. If it hasn’t been generated already, generate a share link in the 2nd tab. (Only a mural owner can do this.)
2. Toggle to the Visitors tab.
3. Select Edit or View-only permissions from the drop-down menu.

*Note: You can not invite visitors via email; only with a share link.

4. Copy the visitor link and send it to your collaborators.
5. Anyone who uses the visitor link and either does not have an account with MURAL or does have an account but isn’t signed in will join the mural immediately and as a visitor.

VIEW ONLY view: Non-members appear as animal avatars.

EDITING VIEW: Visitors have limited editing permissions

If you don't see the dropdown option for "Edit," it's likely that visitor editing has been disabled at the workspace level. Your workspace admins can change that like this:

Visitors cannot:

  • Lock/unlock elements

  • Invite new collaborators

  • Export murals

  • Use the chat feature to chat with other collaborators

  • Access the mural's activity log

  • Send items to JIRA

  • View the rest of the murals in the room or the workspace

  • Receive notifications

  • Duplicate murals

Visitors will not be added to a workspace’s member count. They will continue to have access to the mural unless the visitor link is reset. Here's how the mural creator can reset the visitor link:

*Specifications: If you do not see this option, it is because it has been disabled for your workspaces or at the company level.

Show external collaborators all the cool stuff you've been working on!

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