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Allow audiences to appreciate your presentation flow better with Mural's Icons feature.
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Mural offers a wide-ranging icon library to help enhance your collaboration.

Icons are essential during presentations because images can help some viewers visualize, absorb, process, and retain ideas more efficiently. Overall, icons enrich minimal content and empower key points.

Note: To offer you plenty of icons to choose from, Mural uses the open-source platform called the Noun Project. But because this is an open-source platform, there may be an instance where an icon is no longer available because the original artist has removed it from the website. But here's the good news: there are tons of similar icons to choose from. 😊

To add an icon to your mural:

  1. Click the Icons (llama) button in the left sidebar of your mural.

  2. Enter a keyword in the search bar to find a specific icon.

  3. Click an icon from the search results to add it to your mural. Or, drag and drop the icon to your desired location.

  4. Resize the icon, modify the color, and position it as needed.

For more on working with objects, including objects and more, read our Objects in Mural article.

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