Flowcharts and diagrams use specific shapes to represent different actions or steps in a process. With MURAL’s shapes, you can save time creating flowcharts and diagrams to improve sharing of processes and workflows. Shapes are also fun to work with and can help you create dynamic murals!


Add a shape

Create eye-catching and informative flowcharts or diagrams with MURAL’s shapes and allow your viewers to visualize processes effectively. Primarily, a flowchart is made up of shapes and connectors.

To add a shape:

  1. Click the Shapes and connectors button on the left sidebar of your mural.

  2. Click your chosen shape, and it will appear directly on the canvas. Or drag and drop to your desired location.

You can also add text inside the shape by typing. To edit the width and height, just drag the shape’s edges to adjust.

*Note: A flowchart or diagram wouldn’t be complete without connectors! Learn more about connectors, lines, and arrows here.

Shape toolbar

Click on a shape to display the shape’s toolbar.

Use the shape toolbar to:

  • Move the shape.

  • Zoom to the shape.

  • Change the title font size.

  • Change the font style.

  • Change the text color.

  • Change the background color.

  • Change the border color.

  • Change the border thickness.

  • Choose a solid or dashed border.

  • Switch object type.

Shape contextual menu

When you right-click on a shape (or Control + click with a touchpad), a context menu is displayed.

With this menu, you can do the following for the shape:

  • Show who added or edited this shape

  • Get a link

  • Add a sticky note

  • Add a title

  • Add a comment

  • Bring to the front

  • Send to the back

  • Duplicate

  • Lock

  • Import Jira Issues into this shape

  • Save to content library

  • Edit (text)

  • Copy shape style

  • Paste shape style

  • Copy as text

  • Download CSV file

  • Delete

If you've set up MURAL integrations, you may also see action items for those integrations in a shape’s menu.

Modify a shape

Once a shape has been created, you can easily modify it.

To modify a shape:

  1. Click a shape in your mural to show the shapes toolbar.

  2. Change the background color, border color, border width, or border style as needed.

  3. Or click the Switch type button to select a new type of shape.

You can also quickly copy the style of one shape to another. The type of shape will not change.

To copy shape style:

  1. Right-click a shape to open the contextual menu.

  2. Select Copy Shape style.

  3. Click the new shape and select Paste Shape style.

Delete a shape

Deleting shapes is just as easy as creating them.

To delete a shape:

  1. Click a shape in your mural and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

  2. Alternatively, right-click on a shape and select Delete.

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