A template is a predesigned set of activities that can be repeated in a mural. Anyone in your team can create murals from templates.

Templates appear in the ‘Templates’ section on the workspace dashboard page. It's just below ‘favorite murals' in the upper left.

If you want to create a mural from a template, you have two options:

  1. Create a new mural normally and pick a template from one of the template categories in the drop-down menu...


  1. Enter the ‘Templates’ section and select your desired template. Upon hovering over each thumbnail, a note will appear detailing what the templated can be used for. 

  2. Once find your desired template, select 'New mural from template' from the dropdown menu in top right of the thumbnail of the template you would like to use. 

  3. You'll also be able to choose the room in which to create the template.

* note: you can view all of the templates at once, or go through the different categories. Templates are also separated in different tabs between the default MURAL templates, and the templates that are created specifically by members of your workspace. 


  1. If you’re not sure which template you need, just click on them to open them up.

  2. Once you find the template you’re looking for, just click the ‘Create mural from template’ button in the top right corner. 

* note: If the template has four or more 'areas' the outline will open so you can easily navigate your way throughout the template. 

The following articles will help you get the most out of templates: 

With templates, your whole team will be able to complete the same activities, promoting a structured and consistent process. Feel confident that everyone is starting from the same point.

You can also see these templates in action on our blog, at blog.mural.co.

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