A template is a master copy of a mural that acts as a starting point for a new mural. Templates are a great way to share pre-made activities and layouts that you can repeat inside and outside of your workspace.

With templates, your whole team can complete the same activities, promoting a structured and consistent process.

You’ll see a list of popular templates on the MURAL home view. But you can view all available templates under the templates tab on your dashboard.


Create murals from templates

You can create murals from templates to start from a structured activity instead of a blank mural.

Here’s how to create a mural from a template:

  1. Select the Create mural button at the top of the left-hand toolbar of the MURAL dashboard.

  2. The 'Create new mural' window displays, where you can select from the different categories of templates.

  3. Choose whether you’d like to create the template on a resizable or infinite canvas.

  4. Choose the room and/or folder where the mural will go in the dropdown menu at the top of the window.

  5. In the bottom right, click the Create mural button.


  1. Select a template from the list of popular templates on the home view.

  2. Click Create mural from template on the upper right.

  3. Choose whether you’d like to create the template on a resizable or infinite canvas.

  4. Click Create mural.


  1. Select the Templates tab on the sidebar of the MURAL dashboard.

  2. Select your desired template from one of the categories.

  3. Select Create a mural from template on the upper right.

  4. Choose whether you’d like to create the template on a resizable or infinite canvas.

  5. Choose which room the mural will go to in the dropdown menu.

  6. Select Create mural.


  • You can view all available templates at once, or browse through the different categories. Templates are also separated in different tabs between default MURAL templates and templates created by members of your workspace. Any templates that you create appear next to your workspace templates.

  • If elements are added to the outline, it will display, so you can easily navigate the template.

Publish murals as templates

When you’ve designed an activity you want to repeat again and again, you can publish that mural as a template. Published templates act as a "master copy" of the original mural. Thus, anyone who creates a mural from that template will begin with the exact same content.

Publishing murals as templates is a great way to share a mural with someone outside of your workspace or organization. By doing this, you can share your content without adding unwanted members to your workspace.

To publish a template:

  1. Open a mural you want to publish as a template.

  2. Click the arrow next to your mural’s name.

  3. Click Publish as template.

  4. On the Publish as template modal, give your template a name and a description.

  5. Click the Publish this mural as a template button.

Now you can rest assured knowing that your whole team will be able to complete the same activities, without accidentally moving or changing content in your original mural.


  • Only you can edit your published templates.

  • If you added an outline to your original mural before making it a template, the outline will also appear automatically when someone opens the template. This includes any instructions in the outline.

  • If you are on our Enterprise plan and have confidential rooms activated, you won’t be able to publish Confidential room murals as templates.

  • To share a template with people outside of your workspace, you will need to generate and share a link using the template's Share button. See "Share a template" below.

Share a template

After you create a template, you may want to share it with others so they can create murals from templates too.

Here’s how to share a template:

  1. Go to the Templates section on the MURAL dashboard.

  2. Locate the desired template and click on its thumbnail.

  3. Click on the pink share button in the upper right corner.

  4. Click on Create link.

  5. Click on Copy link, or highlight the link and copy using Control + C (Command + C on Mac).

*Specification: The only way to share a template with others outside of your workspace is through the pink share button. If you send the URL directly, only members of your workspace will be able to access it.

You can also generate an embed link of your template to embed in web pages.

Edit a template

Once you have created a template, you may want to make some further adjustments.

Here's how to edit a template:

  1. Open a template that you’ve published.

  2. Click the button that says Edit template in the gray template banner.

  3. The UI sidebar is now enabled and you can start modifying the template.

  4. Click Save changes to update the template with the new changes.

  5. Click Cancel to take you to the template as it was.

Delete a template

Let's say you created a template you no longer wish to use. You can easily delete it by going to the template dashboard!

Here's how to delete a template:

  1. Go to the Templates section in your MURAL dashboard.

  2. On the second tab, you will see templates specifically created for your workspace.

  3. Click on the dropdown arrow on the thumbnail.

  4. Select Delete template.

*Specification: Deleted templates cannot be recovered. MURAL templates cannot be deleted from the workspace.

Embed a template publicly

If you’ve created templates you’d like to share publicly (i.e. outside of just your workspace), you can embed them in a website to share your activity with the world.

Here’s how to embed a template:

  1. Open the template you want to share publicly.

  2. Click Share in the top right corner.

  3. If you haven’t already, create a public view link for your template by selecting Create link in the share tab*.

  4. Click the Embed tab.

  5. Click Enable Embedding.

  6. Select either Copy Link or Copy Snippet.

  7. Paste the link or snippet in the desired location.

*Specification: You must create a public view link before you can embed your template.

Embedded templates are view-only and the mini-map can be expanded on the lower right corner.

To open an embedded template in MURAL:

  1. Hover over the right-hand corner of the embed window.

  2. Click Start from template.

  3. If you’re not already logged in, you will be taken to the sign-in screen.

  4. The template will open in your browser.

  5. If you wish to create a mural from the template, select Create mural from template in the upper right-hand corner.

You can also see these templates in action on our blog at blog.mural.co and on our MURAL Templates page. To join the discussion on Templates check out the Templates section of our Community forum.

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