Not everyone has the same collaboration needs inside MURAL. We get that. To help facilitate efficient collaboration among users, we have different user types: admins, members, guests, and visitors.

Here's how it's broken down:

  • Workspace admins manage the workspace.

  • Company admins manage company-wide settings.

  • Members are core team members or facilitators that have full collaboration access.

  • Guests are external stakeholders, partners, and clients outside of your company's domain. They have slightly restricted access.

  • Visitors are one-time collaborators with restricted access. If enabled, visitors will also be able to collaborate anonymously in a mural without an account via the visitor share link.


  • Guests are only available for our Education, Partner, PLUS, and Enterprise plans and not for our Starter plans.

  • On the Education plan, you can invite anyone in as a guest, regardless of domain.

  • Visitors can not see keyboard shortcuts nor chat with support.

  • Company admins are only available for those on our Enterprise network

  • Guests and visitors may be disabled on some Enterprise plans depending on company settings

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