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Get a full whiteboard experience by drawing freely on a mural.

Want to share thoughts, capture concepts, or make quick annotations? You can now do it using 4 different pen tips. The whole idea is to allow you to quickly sketch something on the canvas.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Find the pencil icon on the left - click it to enter draw mode.

  2. Choose your pen tip width from the top toolbar, and change the color, if you want.

  3. Draw!

  4. Click 'Done drawing' in the upper right, or just hit D on your keyboard.

  • Specifications: Drawings will render as separate elements even when done in the same draw session.

If you need to correct a drawing that you’ve already created, you can erase any stroke. Simply select the drawing, click on the drawing icon on the sidebar, choose the eraser, and click on any stroke to erase it.

Now you can experience the digital canvas in its true form. Happy drawing!

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