With our new Microsoft Teams integration, easily jump between talking with your colleagues in Teams and collaborating visually in MURAL.

How it works:

Add MURAL to Microsoft Teams and receive messages when there’s activity in your murals, e.g. when somebody joins your mural for the first time or leaves you a comment. Messages from MURAL will include preview images and links to the mural for easy access.

How to install:

1. Make sure your O365 admins have enabled apps (MURAL in particular) for your Team.

2. Open Microsoft Teams, and go into the Store by clicking on Apps in the bottom left corner. Search for 'MURAL' (or scroll through the store to find it):

3. Select 'Yes' next to 'Add for you' and select your team next 'Add to a team.' Click 'Install'.

4. Then, select Open next to each of the features you've enabled.

Now that you've got MURAL installed you can learn to:

  • Add murals as tabs in Microsoft Teams

    Visual thinking and Facilitation Superpowers features

    The MURAL App for Microsoft teams offers the same set of powerful visual collaboration tools as the web app. You can add sticky notes, draw, add shapes, diagram, use the content library, expand the size of the canvas, and much more.

    You can also use Facilitation Superpowers to summon collaborators, vote, work in private mode, and much more.

    You’ll notice that you will only see avatars (typically found in the bottom of the mural) when other collaborators are in the mural at the same time.

    To access features typically found in the top bar of a mural, simply hover over the top of the mural. We’ve hidden the top bar to provide more area for collaboration. Here you’ll find many facilitation superpowers and features such as commenting and find.


    Sharing the mural is easy and secure inside of Microsoft Teams. The MURAL App for Microsoft Teams follows the same sharing permissions as in the web app, but you’ll notice there isn’t a share button on the top bar. To change permissions, you’ll need to go to the web app.

    If visitor links are enabled for a mural, anyone who can access the Microsoft Teams space can access the mural as a visitor without needing to sign in. If visitor links are disabled, anyone in the space who wants to access the mural must sign in and have permission to access it.


    Navigation within the MURAL App for Microsoft Teams is the same as the web app except that the mini-map in the bottom right corner is collapsed. Click on it to expand it and navigate around the mural.

    Where are the avatars?

    You will only see avatars when there is more than one person working in the mural. You can only see two participant’s avatars at a time; you can scroll to see the others.

    Can I use Facilitation Superpowers in the MURAL App for Microsoft Teams?

    Yes! These features are located in the top bar (need to hover over it to make it appear) or by clicking on the avatars (only appear when more than one collaborator is in the mural). You also need to be a facilitator in the mural.

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