With our new Microsoft Teams integration, easily jump between talking with your colleagues in Teams and collaborating visually in MURAL.

How it works:

Add MURAL to Microsoft Teams and receive messages when there’s activity in your murals, e.g. when somebody joins your mural for the first time or leaves you a comment. Messages from MURAL will include preview images and links to the mural for easy access.

How to install:

1. Make sure your O365 admins have enabled apps (MURAL in particular) for your Team.

2. Open Microsoft Teams, and go into the Store by clicking on Apps in the bottom left corner. Search for 'MURAL' (or scroll through the store to find it):

3. Select 'Yes' next to 'Add for you' and select your team next 'Add to a team.' Click 'Install'.

4. Then, select Open next to each of the features you've enabled.

Now that you've got MURAL installed you can learn to:

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