Technical requirements to run Mural
Verify your devices meet these technical requirements so you can enjoy Mural collaboration magic as it was meant to happen.
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You can enjoy the benefits of using Mural on a variety of devices. This article lays out what is required to experience Mural with your device.


Mural web app requirements

The Mural web app supports these desktop browsers:

  • Chrome (79 or above).

  • Edge (79 or above).

  • Safari (15.4 or above).

  • Firefox (72 or above).

Note: We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for an optimal collaboration experience. When using macOS, Chrome provides a better experience than Safari.

Mural mobile app requirements

Mural works on any touchscreen device with access to the Microsoft Store or a web browser using our our Mural for Interactive Displays app, including Microsoft Surface Hub, Surface Hub Pro, and more. This Mural application requires a minimum of 16GB RAM.

We also have native apps for iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play store), and Microsoft Surface Hub that support these devices:

  • iPhone 8 Plus or newer.

  • iPod Touch 6th generation or newer.

  • iPad 5th generation or newer.

  • iPad Pro.

  • iPad mini.

  • Android phones.

  • Android tablets.

To run the Mural mobile app, your device must use one of these operating systems:

  • iOS 13 or greater.

  • iPadOS 13 or greater.

  • Android 10 or greater.

On some touch screens without an internal Windows OS (sometimes called NUC, OPS, or Optiflex), you may connect a Windows 10 laptop with a HDMI and USB-C cable and run Mural from there.

Note: Mural currently is not compatible with dedicated devices running Android, including DTEN and Neat. Other Android OS devices such as Vibe, Avocor, Google Jamboard, SMART Board, Newline, and Commbox may run Mural if a web browser is available. Come back to this page to see the latest updates if considering a touch screen running Android.

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