When you organize your content into areas, each area adds a section to the mural outline.

To organize your content:

  1. Select a group of elements you'd like to organize into an area
  2. Right click, and select 'organize into area'
  3. Click on the outline icon next to the activity feed to see your new section added at the bottom
  4. Each time you click on a section, you're taken to that specific area inside the mural

To remove a section from the outline, navigate to that area, select it, and hit 'delete'. Delete the 'area only' to keep the elements.

To present your content:

  1. Click on the 'Start Presentation' button at the bottom of the outline
  2. Navigate through the presentation with the < and > buttons at the bottom of the modal

The presentation mode allows you to navigate around the areas just like a slideshow. Feel professional and in control of your content!

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