You come back to a mural you were working in… and all kinds of changes have been made! Luckily, your Activity Log lists all changes that happen in a mural, starting from the moment it’s created.

To view your feed:

  1. Click on the Activity icon in the top right toolbar.
  2. Scroll through your feed to see who did what, and when.
  3. Click on an element to be taken to that spot in the mural.

Any element you or one of your team members adds, edits or removes from a mural will be tracked in the Activity Feed. You’ll also be able to see information about who’s interacting with your mural and how. It will show you when anyone:

  • joins your mural
  • duplicates your mural
  • is removed from your mural
  • leaves your mural
  • exports your mural

Spend less time focusing on who made what changes, and more time making cool stuff.

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