Complete these steps to be able to create JIRA issues directly from sticky notes and text-boxes in murals.

Part one: Submitting the JIRA URL

**NOTE: A workspace admin must go to If you aren't the workspace admin, you can send this article to somebody who is so they can complete the steps.

1. Click 'Connect' under the JIRA integration. If you see options for different workspaces, select the workspace where you want to create JIRA issues.

2. Type the URL of your JIRA organization and click 'Next'.

3. Part one is completed! Now an admin of your JIRA organization needs to complete part two: install the MURAL app in JIRA.

4. When part two is completed, refresh the page, click 'Connect' next to the URL you connected under JIRA.

5. Click 'Allow'.

6. Done! You can now create JIRA issues directly from your murals. Learn how.

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