Draw on the canvas

Get a full whiteboard experience by drawing freely on a mural.


Want to share thoughts, capture concepts, or make quick annotations? You can now do it using 4 different pen tips. The whole idea is to allow you to quickly sketch something on the canvas.


Here's how you do it:

  • Find the pencil icon in the left-side toolbar of any mural, and click. 
    • Shortcut: hit 'D' to enter and exit draw mode faster

  • Select your preferred line width from the top menu that appears (you'll by default have 'fine' selected when you enter draw mode):

  • Sketch away!

  • Select 'Done Drawing' in the upper right hand corner when you're finished
    • Or, use keyboard shortcut 'D'.


**Note: You'll notice everything done in a single draw mode session will render as a single element when you go back to edit mode.



Now you can experience the digital whiteboard in its true form. Happy drawing!

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