The Art of Opportunity: Opportunity & Strategy Report

Get feedback to inform more powerful action.




Create the story of discovering your opportunity using the Opportunity Report.

Sharing your progress and getting feedback is an important step in your opportunity journey. Using the Opportunity Report you can more effectively tell your story, get input, and evolve your thinking before moving to the next phase of crafting your strategy.



As a team, brainstorm how you can best tell your story. See the book "The Art of Opportunity" for ideas and suggestions on storytelling and visual frameworks. Don’t feel constrained by the template. You don’t have to “stay within the lines.” What’s important is clearly relating where you went on your opportunity journey and how you arrived at your Breakthrough Question.



Create the story of crafting your strategy using the Strategy Report Template.

For each strategy element, describe what is unique in each area. What might you have removed, added, or changed? Note illustrations, photos, diagrams, and your prior work—anything that can be used to visualize the descriptions.


Additional activity resources and templates can be found at


Opportunity & Strategy Report TEMPLATE by Emilia Åström


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