Team Kickoff

Get your team aligned from the beginning.


This template can be used to run Team Kickoff meetings. It has three main activities: 
1. ICE BREAKER: "Me In Images"

Put your name at the top of one of the columns. Then, do a web search for images, links and videos that reflect your interests, hobbies, and personality. Copy and paste 1 of each content you find into an area below with your name on it.


This exercise fosters an open discussion about the behaviors expected from everyone in the team before the project begins. 

STEP 1 - Identify behaviors

  • Think about a positive experience you have had working in a team: What values and behaviors were evident and how did these make you feel? Reflect on how these emotions, in turn, impacted the energy and productivity of the team. Can you recall how negative behavios were handled by the team?
  • Add your statements on stickies. Focus on desired behaviors

STEP 2 - Summarize

  • Next the team can create affinity clusters. Identify the main themes that are included in the social contract. 


STEP 1 - Add anchors

  • What keeps you and your team from working effectively remotely? Add anchors that hold you back. (2 mins)

STEP 2- Consider "wind"

  • What would make your team better at remote work? Add "wind" above the water line. (2 mins)


Finally, before ending the kickoff, pull together some of the key decisions and action items in the Key Take-Aways section on the right.

Team Kickoff TEMPLATE by Emilia Åström


Open to create a mural from this template in your team. Powered by MURAL

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