Kanban Board & Retrospective

Visualize and manage the flow of your team's work.



Also known as the Wall of Work, the Kanban Board lets you see work in progress and understand complex information like processes, task relationships and risks related to completing work on time.


The number of steps in the process can vary but the most common ones are:

  1. Backlog - start by adding all the tasks the team needs to complete.
  2. Grooming - items that are being scoped and defined to prepare for implementation.
  3. In progress - tasks the team is working on. Try to move tasks quickly to Done, rather than be Doing many tasks at once.
  4. Testing - tasks the team has completed.
  5. Done - tasks the team has completed.



An retrospective is a meeting that is held at the end of a project or process where the team reflect upon what happened. Together they identify what worked, things that can be improved and actions to take to incorporate learnings in future projects.

During the retrospective the team can look at the items in the kanban board above to recall tasks that were completed during the process.


In this template you will find a simple structure to use during retrospective meetings:

  1. Happiness vote - tell the other team members how you feel today
  2. What went well - what worked well for us in this iteration
  3. What didn’t go well - what prevented us from making progress in this iteration
  4. Actions - as a team what can we commit to do better for the next iteration


Kanban and Retrospective TEMPLATE by Emilia Åström


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