Design Studio

Get agreement and make design decisions quicker.



The design studio exercise lets an entire team contribute to a design solution. It’s perfect to run remotely. Using a template in MURAL makes it easy.

Invite your team to an hour-long session. Keep the group small - to about 8 or fewer people. Determine the specific design challenge you’re going to address - the more specific the better. 

Post the challenge at the top of the mural for everyone to see. 


The process then has three main steps:

  1. First, discuss the design challenge and address questions. Then have everyone brainstorm ideas on sticky notes for 2-3 minutes in their assigned row. Go around the group and have everyone read out their ideas for a brief discussion.
  2. Next, have each person select the idea they think is most promising and sketch it. Limit this to about 5-8 minutes. Upload a photo of the sketch to mural. Have everyone describe drawing to the whole group and summarize the key highlights of the idea in the column on the right.
  3. Finally, consolidate the best ideas  in a single design direction. Sketch the final idea and include it the area at the bottom of the template.


Design Studio TEMPLATE by Emilia Åström


Open to create a mural from this template in your team. Powered by MURAL

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