Merge workspaces

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To merge different workspaces, move the rooms from one into the other. It’s simple and quick.


Just follow this guide:

  1. Identify the workspaces you want to merge.
  2. Decide which workspace(s) will be your main workspace into which all murals will move. This should be the workspaces you’ll continue paying for.
  3. To see a list of all workspaces you are admin or member of, go to workspaces under Account Settings.

    List of workspaces in account settings

  4. Invite everyone to the main workspace you want to continue using.
  5. Announce to your collaborators that you’ll be merging workspaces. Let them know which will be the main workspace from now on.
  6. Invite all collaborators to your main workspace. Make sure you give them permission to create rooms in the main workspaces.

    Manage Workspace Members

  7. Before merging the workspaces, ask your collaborators to consolidate their murals into as few rooms as possible.
  8. Then, to move murals from one room to another, just click on the arrow on the mural thumbnails in the dashboard.

    Moving a mural from one room to another.

  9. Move the rooms to the main workspaces. If they want to take their personal rooms with them, ask them to change the name of their personal room to a unique name.
  10. To change the name of a room, go to room settings.

    Change name of personal room.

  11. Then, they can move the room to the new workspace.

    Move a room from one workspace to another

  12. Finalize the merging. Double check that everyone has moved all rooms and murals they need into the main workspace. Now, when all rooms and murals from all workspaces are in the main workspace, you can continue cleaning up the list of rooms by merging rooms with similar content by simply moving murals from one room to the other as shown above.




**NOTE: The workspaces you are not using at the moment can simply be paused by cancel their subscriptions or just by letting the free trial run out.


Cancel subscription

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