Draw on sticky notes

Express yourself with a handmade sketch - a picture is worth 1000 words!


Use the drawing option on sticky notes to create unique illustrations:

  1. Single click on a sticky note
  2. Change the mode to "sketch mode" as shown in the GIF.
  3. Draw away!
  4. Click anywhere outside the sticky to save.


Drawing adds a fun dynamic to the interaction with your team. It'll give your content a natural feeling.




To do this on a mobile device:

  1. Select the sticky note upon which you want to sketch.
  2. Select the pencil icon from the bottom tool tray.
  3. Sketch away!
  4. Note: if you try to switch to text, you will lose your beautiful sketch.






Fun fact: as you type or draw on sticky notes, your collaborators can see the changes you make in real time!




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