Duplicate a mural

Work efficiently by reusing murals.


It's easy to copy a mural from your MURAL dashboard.



  1. Open the menu from the arrow in the upper right of the mural you want to copy
  2. Select 'Duplicate Mural'
  3. Chose the workspace and room you want to add this mural to 
  4. Click DUPLICATE MURAL, and you'll be taken to the room where the copy is now located

duplicate.gif**Note: You can only duplicate mural to a workspace and room you already belong to. 


You can also duplicate murals from inside a mural

  1. Just use the mural options menu in the upper left next to the mural name
  2. Select 'Duplicate mural' from the drop-down




Be confident that your content is preserved in a backup copy. Impress colleagues by quickly and easily getting team activities set up from existing murals you duplicated. 

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