Add links and videos

Access external content faster.



There are 3 different ways to do this, so you have some options. You can copy and paste the URL of the link or video directly into your mural, directly onto a sticky note, or drag and drop the link from another browser tab.


To copy and paste directly onto the canvas:

  1. Copy (Ctrl+ C,or CMD + C on Mac) the URL from the search bar
  2. Paste (Ctrl + V, or CMD + V on Mac) the URL directly into the mural




To copy and paste onto a sticky:

  1. Copy (Ctrl+ C,or CMD + C on Mac) the URL from the search bar
  2. Enter the mural, double-click to add a sticky
  3. Paste (Ctrl + V, or CMD + V on Mac) the URL onto the sticky
  4. To access the link, click the sticky and select 'Go to link'




To drag and drop:

  1. Click on the lock icon to the left of the URL you want in your mural
  2. Drag and hover it over your MURAL tab
  3. When the tab blinks and opens up, drop the link in the mural


Pro tip: You can watch your videos from YouTube directly from the mural by double clicking the link!




To do this on a mobile device:

  1. While you have your mural open, swipe up slightly to open the dock.
  2. Click and hold the icon for your browser, and move it to the right side of the screen to initiate split screen.
  3. Click and hold the link you'd like to import into your mural, and drag it over to the mural, and drop it in!





Now you can keep all your links, stickies, and other content together in one place!

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