Install the JIRA integration for JIRA admin (pt. 2)

Complete these steps to be able to create JIRA issues directly from sticky notes and textboxes in your murals.


Part two: Submitting the JIRA URL (Part one here)

  1. A JIRA admin must sign in to their JIRA account and in the left side bar, click on 'Settings'.

  2. In the left sidebar, click on 'Application'

  3. Under the `Integrations` section, click on `Application links`.

  4. Enter into the field and click 'Create new link'

  5. Click 'Continue'

  6. Enter 'MURAL' for Application name, check the 'Create incoming link' checkbox, and click 'Continue'

  7. Enter the following information into the three fields and click 'Continue'.
    Consumer Key: MURAL
    Consumer Name: MURAL
    Public Key: 
    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
    -----END PUBLIC KEY-----

  8. Done! Now anybody in the workspace can go to and click 'Connect'.



  1. Once there, click 'Allow'allow.png

  2. Done! You can now create JIRA issues directly from your murals. Learn how.




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