Integrate 3M Post-It® Plus

Send real stickies to MURAL.


MURAL for iOS allows you to work with your content on the iPhone and iPad. If you are a pen and paper lover, you can also import real sticky notes using Post-It® Plus and MURAL's app.


Here's how to integrate:

  1. Open MURAL and Post-it Plus
  2. In MURAL - have the target mural open (make a new one if you need to)
  3. In Post-It Plus, click the 'export' button and select 'Export Board' - choosing their native 3CSB format
  4. You’ll get a preview of the export and a text link to 'choose destination'
  5. You'll see three rows of options: Airdrop, Local Apps and Online integrations. Scroll the second row to the right and click 'more...'

  6. You’ll now see MURAL in the list of local apps that can take the export. Move the slider switch to be green

  7. Click 'Done'
  8. Once back in the main screen, click the MURAL icon and it will pop the stickies you saw in the preview into the center of the mural you had open
    *If you forgot to have a mural open, it will scold you, and you can try it again :)



Click here to watch the tutorial video:


Get MURAL for iOS
Get Post-it® Plus iOS app



Now you can eliminate the step of copying over notes from an in-person brainstorming session to online! #efficiency

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