Invite guests to a private room or mural

Securely collaborate on short- or long-term projects.


In today’s world, collaboration happens in a lot of different ways. Working with a team, across teams, and even across departments and whole organizations are all common. What’s more, we know there is a need to do this in a secure and confidential manner. Now, the guest users feature will allow Enterprise members to do this!*


So, what exactly are guest users? They're:

  • Identified users. Guests have a profile, and are not anonymous.
  • Limited in feature use. See more on this below.
  • Limited in time. After two weeks without accessing, guests lose access unless renewed.


Guests have a profile with an identity in MURAL, and they may:

  • create and edit content in murals
  • be invited by email only
  • accept invitations to join private rooms
  • receive notifications via e-mail and/or Slack


But, because they are not members, guests may not:

  • be invited at the workspace level
  • be invited to, or see, Open Rooms
  • join a mural via a share link
  • export murals
  • create rooms
  • create murals
  • invite others
  • duplicate/move mural nor rooms
  • see or publish templates
  • send murals to a hub



When you invite a guest to a private room, they will be able to see and access all murals inside that room.


To invite guests to a room:

  1. Enter the room
  2. Click on the pink SHARE button in the top toolbar
  3. Type the email of the person you want to invite
  4. Press enter to reveal more options
  5. Select 'Guest'




When you invite a guest to a private mural, they will be able to see the name of the private room the mural belongs to. But, they won’t be able to see other murals inside that room (unless they were invited to those other murals specifically).


To invite guests to a mural:

  1. Enter the mural
  2. Click on the pink SHARE button in the top toolbar
  3. Add the email of the person you want to invite
  4. Press enter to reveal more options
  5. Select 'Guest' from the dropdown menu
  6. Select either 'Edit' or 'View' permissions




Admins can manage permissions of guest users in the list of workspace members.


Remember that:

  • A guest automatically becomes inactive after 2 weeks of not logging into MURAL.
  • A workspace admin needs to reactivate them so they can re-enter the workspace. You can do this by clicking on the cycle arrows to the right of the members list.
  • Inactive guests do not count towards your limit.
  • To turn guests into full members, you'll need to first delete the guest user from your workspace, then invite them again as a member.
  • To turn off this setting, go into your Workspace settings and un-check the box that says "Deactivate guests after 14 days of inactivity."



Now you're ready to get a team around your big tasks, safely and securely.


*Please contact to ask about Enterprise and Guest users for your company’s workspace.

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