Technical requirements to run MURAL

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MURAL is a HTML5 web application and works best with Chrome, but we also support Firefox, IE11 and Safari. We also have native apps for Windows10, iOS (see app store) and the Microsoft Surface Hub. 


Wondering what browser and software versions you need to collaborate most efficiently in MURAL? 


Here's a list of supported browsers and versions when using MURAL on the web:


  • Chrome: Version 51 and newer
  • Edge: Version 47 and newer, plus version 45 (ESR)
  • Safari: 9 and newer
  • Firefox: 46 and newer
  • Internet Explorer: 11


...and for our native apps:

  • iOS-enabled devices: Version 10 and newer
  • Windows-enabled devices: Windows 10


Having connection issues? 

Try restarting your computer, a different browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox), or if you get a constant reconnecting message, check this link.


Now, you can collaborate as efficiently as ever!

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